Remedies For Those Excruciating Headaches

Once you reach a certain age (mid-twenties) experiencing a headache becomes a part of your daily routine. There are several causes for such headaches ranging from stress or migraines to mental disorders like depression and anxiety. When you constantly experience such pain it decreases your productivity and you may lose a lot of potential benefits. So what can you really do about a throbbing headache that is robbing you of your peace of mind? Here are some easy ways to get your tranquility back.

Drink plenty of water

A cause of headache can be not being hydrated enough. If it continues it may even lead to prolonged migraines. If this indeed is the cause of your headache drinking water will possibly make your head ache disappear in half an hour.Do not get drunkYou make enjoy letting lose on a Friday night and drinking away all your stress from that week. However the very thing that you do to relieve your stress this week might be the same thing making you lose sleep the next. Alcohol stimulates tension instigating some people to experience severe headaches.

Stay caffeinated

If you take a stroll on a busy street at around 8 am, you will guaranteed see a cup of coffee in every person’s hand while they walk to work. Drinking hot beverages like tea or coffee that are caffeinated will make all your head aches go away. Caffeine makes your mood better and makes you more active and this works against all symptoms of a headache. Drink your coffee and stay relaxed.

Use your pressure points

There is a well-known pressure point that you can use for headaches and that is the small area between your thumb and your index fingers. You see this technique being used by everyone, even Ellen DeGeneres!In addition to that there are treatments that use pressure points to treat you professionally. For example Chinese acupuncture Northcote uses needles to stimulate these pressure points in order to make your muscles feel relaxed and rid you of any pain.

Another technique used is remedial massage Thornbury. There are a few places in your body you can massage to make your headache vanish, such as the area between your eyebrows, the shoulder well and behind your neck right below your hair line.

Free your mind

Most headaches are stress induced. Stress is generally cause by a huge amount of work and very little time to get it done. To prevent excessive stress you can try managing your time wisely. If you have a proper plan as to what to do when the pressure you will feel will be lessened by a mile.If you experience headaches even after words it is advisable to do something that relieves your mind. Suggestions for this include meditation or even watching a really good movie.